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The first iteration of Studio Beats headphones were manufactured by Monster in 2008. They are available in a large variety of colors. Screwdrivers, plastic opening tools, and possibly a soldering kit may be required for repair of this device.

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Audio Cable is Broken!

My audio cable is not working. What should I do in order to fix the cable?

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Where is is broken? At the ends by the connector?

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Clay Jacobs, you could replace the 3.5mm audio jacks on either side, if you know how to solder. The soldering is identical to this repair . Easiest would be to get a replacement cable, should be about ~$5-$10. Hope this helps, good luck.

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It depends on what problem you are having with the audio cable.

You can check the following troubleshooting guide (Troubleshooting Beats Studio First Generation) to help diagnose the problem.

If all else fails, the guide recommended by oldturkey03 should be great for soldering on new jacks. If the in-line buttons are the problem, it would probably be easier to buy a new cable.

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