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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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im forget my pattern of phone

My phone is locked by pattern and i went to backup my photo please send me guide for open my phone but MY LCD is broken send me guide for backup photos in laptop or send me name of programme for fix the proplem please thank you

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thank you but can you send me photo how guide for fix this proplem please my email

thank you very mush

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2 Respuestas

the online way to backup your files is with a working screen. order one and after work send it back if you dont need it.

to open an i9100 or s2 you just watch that very easy youtube videos.

its very easy, be careful.

if you dont want to order a sceen, you will have to load clockworkmod on your s2 and get connection over ADB or other tools. maybe moborobo or

there are different ways to backup your files.

over cwm you can start your device in usb mode and copy a usual from a usb drive.

and over adb you have command line, which is more complicated but possible as i know.

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Although a replacement LCD or cwm would work there is a simpler solution to your dilemma. Simply purchase an MHL to HDMI cord (about $12 at BBY or amazon) hook it up to your tv and use that to transfer to an sd card or through your program!

If this helps at please aide to the rep and score!


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