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El Samsung Galaxy Note II es un teléfono inteligente que destaca por la combinación de una pantalla grande y un software optimizado para un lápiz óptico auto almacenable integral.

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Where to purchase replacement screen?

The front screen has minimal cracks from being dropped. The device is fully funtiional. Where can I buy only the front glass. Is it called glass or should I refer to the screen as something else?

Thank you!

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Christina Wine, the display assembly is LCD/Digitizer/Glass is adhered together with some special glue. Without the right equipment, it is very difficult to separate the assembly and to just replace the glass. Even if you do get it separated, you will need the same kind of optical glue to adhere it back together, and until you have done this a couple times before, chance of success is pretty small. I suggest you replace the whole assembly and you will have some guaranteed success. I know, looking at the cost for the glass compared to the assembly is tempting, but it will pay off in the long run. Hope this helps, good luck.

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