12.1 MP camera with 6x optical image stabilized zoom.

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Spring to zoom in and out is broken... zoom function impaired.


My trusty Powershot G9 is no longer zooming correctly in or out... I mean it still works intermittent, from full zoom-out to full zoom-in or vice versa... but I cannot zoom-in or zoom-out in stages anymore.

Does anyone have a similar issue and maybe a way to remedy the issue?


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What happened is your zoom spring broke. You might be able to get the spring from this place: www.CamerasAndParts.com They pretty much have everything for the Powershots. They can probably install it too if need be, they are excellent for help with the Powershots, that's all they deal with. Good luck with it, that's a great little camera!

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seems like a sensor in the optics don't have connection to the mainboard anymore or intermittent connection. Probably because some soldering has shaken apart.


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hi there,

the Zoom Lever Spring of my Canon PowerShot G7 seems to be broken since yesterday.

i assume it's not about some soldering – opened the camera and saw that the spring beside the lever is loose; didn't disassemble the camera further because i don't have an idea how to lift the top part with all the knobs – had anyone else fixed that issue?

thanks in advance,


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I had mine fixed by Cameras And Parts. They were wonderful for service. This is the site for them www.camerasandparts.com

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