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The N95 8GB is a revision of the N95, with a larger screen, 8GB of internal flash storage and larger capacity battery.

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black screen of death for a Nokia N95 8GB?

I fully charged my nokia - all buttons light up and keys beep and are responsive BUT the screen is black and appears dead. I have a dead screen.

I have googled this issue and a number of others have had the same issue in the past but I cannot find a fix?

Does anyone in cyberspace have a practical DIY fix please? thanks.

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Rick Cowan, the only solution I have come across on multiple forums is by placing a jumper across the capacitor C4410. Of course you have to make certain that your LCD assembly is working properly. The service manual further more suggest to check L1150 R1151, C1156 and C1155 visually. make sure that those parts do not look charred or are missing. Let us know how good your skills are with microsoldering and measuring SMC's. Hope this helps, good luck.

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