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Why won't the cursor of my laptop show up?

So everything has been breaking lately, My 3DS wifi is not working, my ipod docking station won,t charge and the same day as this error happened the screen of my Ipad shattered on a pasta bowl... Anywho because I couldn't use my oh-so=loved ipad as it was cracked, I went on to my month old Toshiba Satellite to customize it further. I spent half an hour downloading and activating a new, cute Russia cursor. I went to have a shower, Then as I sat down I went for the clean touchpad and... The cursor didn't show up... I've gone on many websites for a solution, thanks to this being a touchscreen laptop I was able to get on this one. I've tried pressing the F5 and F9 keys, I went through the settings and troubleshooting, I installed a fixing program (which showed me this laptop has over 1000 errors but I have to actually pay for the program to fix them /)-.- ) and I even tried installing my new wireless mouse. Nothing has worked and my laptop is the only working technology I currently own. Does someone have a solution that doesn't involve buying or ringing anyone or anything?

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Act Tar, just to clarify. You have a Toshiba Satellite? This happened after you installed a "cute Russia cursor"? I suppose this is some sort of theme? Then you installed a I installed a fixing program that is now telling you that you have over 1000 errors?


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Act Tar, sorry to hear about your misfortunes. It does sound to me like the installation of the new theme (cute Russia cursor) is the reason for not seeing the cursor. Uninstalling that theme should recover your cursor.If you can not uninstall, restore under System Restore and go to a date prior to installing the theme. The bigger issue is the program that is telling you that you have over 1000 errors. Sounds a lot like malware to me. Uninstall that program as well and use a good anti-virus program (AVAST is free) do a virus check. The check for malware ( I prefer Malware Bytes) see what you get. I would definitely encourage you to be more selective with what you download and install. Always use a good virus program and scan frequently for malware. Hope this helps, good luck.

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