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Toy quadcopter with camera, controlled over Wifi by smartphone.

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How to Rebuild the whole thing?

I was windering if anyone can help me with that thing..

I am making a project.. and i dont want it to look like that i bought it..

so does anyone have any idea how to rebuild it from the ground up..

PLS.. post links where i can buy the equipments and the components and the steps how to make it .. i want it to look diffrent from the original one .. ( works with the iPad also )...

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"I am making a project.. and i don't want it to look like that i bought it." what did you have in mind?

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I was thinking about buying the thing and then try to change the shape thats all !!!and i was thinking that people here might help me getting the boards and the components... and then no need for me to buy the thing ..

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You need to tell us a bit more about what ideas you are having. So you want to buy it and then what? Explain this a bit better as well "getting the boards and the components... and then no need for me to buy the thing"

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iFixit is for fixing things, not for this kind of project, but i'll answer you.

As you posted this question it is obvious that you didn't made a google ressearch, there are hundreds of well documented tutorials.

There are two ways to build a drone :

°First you go to a specialised model making shop and just buy parts to assemble together (structure, motors, variators, control board and radio, batteries)

°Second solution, have to buid yourself the parts mentionned above. Built the structure with some wood for example, use some microcontrollers and sensors for the control board (or arduino if you are a beginner), use radio tranceiver then finaly code the µC. It takes first a lot of time for designing it and understanding how everything works.

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