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Guías de reparación para teléfonos celulares Android fabricados por HTC.

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REAL double sided sticky tape?

He all. I am currently replacing a screen on an HTC EVO LTE and it took me an hour to heat and remove the digitizer. Not easy. I ordered what looked to be the most popular 3M double sided tape on ebay. The problem is this stuff is not even close to the OEM tape. I can literally peel the screen right off the tape. I experienced this with repairing an iPhone too. The OEM tape is 10X more sticky. Does anyone know where to find the double sided tape these manufacturers use, or maybe something close to it?

Thank you for any advise.

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After it's in place try running a heat gun over the screen.

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Did you remove the glass from the LCD? If so, it takes LOCA glue to reapply the glass to the LCD.

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