Battery connector broken off the logic board!


Basically the small black plastic connector on the motherboard that connects the battery has come off and initially I thought I'd superglue it back on by just lining up the metal bits (yes it's a real technical term). Well, it didn't work and I assume the only way to fix it would be through soldering it back on? I was hoping to get a step by step guide on this, some tips or maybe even a video! Many many thanks!

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Nouman, this video should help. Instead of using a hot air rework station, you could also use a soldering station. Just remember that it is not easy, even so it looks like it. Soldering on the logic board will take practice if you are not used to soldering small components on a tight logic board. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi! I appreciate your very swift reply and sorry getting back so late been real busy! I took it to a specialist who said that apparently the 'tracks' have come off so i guess soldering it on is out the question! I have heard about some bypass procedure where wiring is used to connect the connector straight on parts of the board? What do you think? Any advice please and thanks loads on the link!!! Much appreciated! :)


Nouman, sounds like you are looking for a way to bypass the connector. Check I need a battery connector bypass tutorial Hope this helps.


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