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Microphone not working on calls but works in other apps?

I replaced the lock button flex cable (of course I have to replace everything attached to it like the volume buttons, ringer switch, rear noise-cancelling mic etc.) and now my microphone won't work in calls and most apps. Some apps I've found it works (snapchat is one).

I believe it is the rear mic (noise cancelling one) that has the issues? I tried replacing the part again and now the problem still persists, what is the issue/potential issue here?

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2 Respuestas

When on calls the phone uses the mic from the dock connector try replacing that

Reemplazo de conector Lightning y toma de auriculares del iPhone 5

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When I was replacing the lock button etc part, the only time I would've touched the lightning connector and headphone jack part was when I disconnected it from the logic board, which I'm certain I wouldn't have damaged as I was very careful. It's not just calls that I have issues with, but other apps like Teamspeak, Voice Memos etc. don't work, then apps like Snapchat do work, why?

Thanks for your assistance so far :)

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The mic attached to the power flex works when u record on the rear camera test that out..

Voice memos uses bottom mic

Cameras use both upper mics

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I have same problem. I have iphone 5s and mic not working. I changed dock but Still same. Dis somebody now how to fix. Thank you.

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