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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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My disc tray is keep opening and closing

sometimes when i turn on my xbox the power light for the xbox starts to blink and says that its opening but is not. i press on the tray and it says closing the says opening again. now i took it apart there is no cover on it you can see everything and now it doesn't do it anymore but when i put it back together it starts all over again. and i'm putting it back together right and still does it

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My consul was working fine until I was in the middle of a game, Then the disc drive made a horrible noise. Then the drive opens and closes, it doesn't load the disc. I have done the steps from other post and still does the same thing.

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Without the casing on though it opens and shuts with no issue?

I've seen similar errors before to the one you describe. There is a small toggle switch that is held in place near the motor inside the drive. It has 2 wires running to it from the board. If the plastic holding it is is damaged it can cause issues like this. Check to see if it is loose. Another cause would be something blocking the tray from going all the way in but if you have completely removed the metal top and bottom case and see no loose debris stuck any wear I can not think of any other issue that would allow it to work with the case off.

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There is nothing blocking it from opening I took the white case off and took the disc drive out and took the too off to see if there was anything out of place but didn't see anything. Now the disc drive is back in place and been playing my xbox with the white case off and now the disc drive randomly does the opening and closing thing and been making some more noise when it try's to read the disc but still reads it and I know know if that's bad or what

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