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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Do I have logic board issues?

A few days ago,my iMac froze and became unresponsive so I just erased my hd.

For awhile after erasing the drive,I could still boot the machine while holding the option key or using Command+R. At this time I DID NOT have the install DVD to reinstall the operating system .

So,I ordered the retail install DVD from Apple but now the computer will not boot from a DVD.What happened in the last couple of days is a mystery to me.

Now,I have an iMac stuck at the white screen. It boots up with the Apple chime and then goes to the white screen where it stays.

I cannot get anything using Command+R. Still have just a white screen.

Zapping the PRAM produces the chimes. I let go of the keys after the second chime......back to the white screen.

Starting while holding the option key will produce the cursor but I still have a blank screen.

I removed the memory modules and got the beeps whenever I tried to start it.

I'm thinking a bad hard drive or video card.

I don't know anything else to try. I only have the 1 Mac. I also have a cheap PC laptop.

Anybody have any ideas?

In the past year,on occasions,the computer would freeze up and would require a forced shutdown but after that all was well. This only happened a few times so I never thought much about it.

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Apple iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.0 20-Inch (Al) Specs

Identifiers: Mid-2007 - MA876LL - iMac7,1 - A1224 - 2133


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There's nothing wrong except for the fact that the hard drive does not have an operating. How did you get it erased? To check if you have the correct DVD, please give us the last three figures of the serial number (located on the bottom of the stand), and the part number from the DVD you got from Apple. I am surprised that Apple slod you a disk for a machine this old.

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Thank You for the reply!

I was able to erase the drive a few days ago when I Could Still Get To Disk Utility.

The last three of the serial are X85

The DVD Part Number MC573Z/A

I feel the Retail DVD would boot fine IF the computer weren't in this condition.

Before I received the Install DVD,I successfully booted from an old Leopard Drop In DVD I had lying around.This was whenever the computer was still somewhat operating,i.e. able to boot from DVD,Boot holding the option key,etc.

Now all I can do is get the normal startup chime and then the white screen. There,I'm stuck.


I was right, they didn't send you the original DVD, they sent the Retail 10.6.3. Your problem seems to be getting the optical drive to read it. Use some canned air to blow it out. That failing, get a DVD cleaning disk and run it. That failing get an external firewire DVD drive, such as a LaCie. Replacing the internal drive is expensive and the external will move to other machines. See this one:


The DVD is supposed to boot on this computer.

It is indeed the Retail DVD and NOT the machine specific disc.I was assured by 3 different people that the retail DVD will boot this computer.

The computer would boot from Leopard DropIn DVD a couple of days ago but now it won't boot from any disc. I'll try to get some compressed air and give it a go but with my luck, I honestly feel the problem is a lot deeper than that. Thank You!


Also,would a bad HD cause my symptoms?


A bad hard drive will cause the white screen. The 10.6.3 disk is fine for your machine. The problem is getting to the hard drive to reformat it and install a system. If you have access to another Mac you can do it Target Mode.


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