Black Display, sound when connected to charger, appears in itunes,

I have already looked up whether someone had the same issues with the iphone 5 as I. And I have found similar cases but they did seem to apply on my problem.

Actually I wanted to replace my old battery. I didn't expect any troubles as I had done it before. However the phone would not work after I tried to switch it on afterwards. Nevertheless it "woke up" when I connect it to my charger and it also appears in iTunes. Strangely there is a sound every 5 seconds when it is connected.

Could one of Display cables possibly have been damaged in the opening process? What could I try to fix this problem? Does it make sense to buy a new display?

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If your display is black try a hard reset and if that doesn't work make sure the connections are fitted tight.

If still nothing it's more that likely you damaged the display

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thanks a lot for the quick answer. If I try a hard reset my phone stays dead and doesn't make a sound. (not connected to laptop or charger) That is worrying me a bit. I have already double checked the connections. They seem to be okay. I hope my new battery didn't fry the phone, although I doubt that. I considered having accidently unplugged a connector, but could find anything odd. Somehow each possible explantion for the problem seems to contradict itself.


Have you tryed the old battery again see if that works??

Who voted me down lol bit harsh!!!

Only trying to help


Yes I have tried the old battery again but got the same result. I really hope that there isn't a bigger issue than a broken display.

And I am sorry that I accidently rated you down- of course I wanted to rate you up. You should be up now :)


Is it normal for the phone not to make a sound or not to vibrate when swiched on or off? Because the iphone appears to be completly dead when not connected to a power source although I charged the old battery completely before the "battery exchange".


How did u charge it completely?

Does the iTunes recognize the phone when plugged into computer?


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hey im having the same issue... have u figured whats the problem?

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