iPhone 4 won't turn on all black screen

My iPhone 4 all of a sudden froze up & turned off. I tried plugging it in to charge it & tried plugged it into my computer with no luck. It turned on for a split second to then give me a screen with stack on it one time. I've looked threw all questions & dont know if my iPhones done or not. I just want to get my pictures off my phone because I have 3 years worth of my kids growing up on it in pictures and I was an idiot & didn't back them up. Please please help. Is there something I can replace that will make it work again?

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Try a hard reset press power and home button togeather for 7 seconds then let go of home and keep pressing power

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I tried pressing the home button, but the problem is, the power is broken? How can i fix this?


Wow, glad I came to this site , my screen went black I pressed the home and power button and my apple came up, I hope this fixed it! My upgrade is not until November!!!!


OMG....thank you for your information! It's back on!!!


omoooo daebak!! my screen went back thank youuu very muchhh


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replace the lcd screen maybe is a good idea .

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