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Why are the screen colors abnormal on my LG Optimus L7 II?

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Please help! My phone LG Optimus L7 II. I was sprayed on the screen water, then erased. phone used and everything was good, but then I saw that between the phone and case water. So I removed water, opened phone case, and I saw little water. Then I have turned off phone, taked out battery, cleaned and turned on. Then, after 2 hours screen had some black lines, some white and booting LG word colors go up and down. I putted it to rice. but it didin't helped. So what can i do? Please help?!

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Fully disassemble the device and wipe the contacts on the ribbons and other connections with isopropyl alcohol. This type of lcd malfunction is usually caused by a short or an improperly seated/damaged ribbon, if it shorted then there's a good chance the lcd will need replacing, however I would clean it and re-seat everything first.

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