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How to replace headlight for 2007 Chevrolet HHR Wagon?

how do I change out headlights on Chevrolet hhr 2007

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charliechan, check on here for a bulb replacement. Check on here for the headlight assembly replacement. Hope this helps, good luck.

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To replace the front headlights on the Chevrolet HHRs without removing the tire:

1. Turn front wheels sharply in direction of light bulb that needs to be replaced.

2. Remove the (3) 7 mm screws that secure the inner fender cover to the car.

3. Then remove the (4) plastic retainers from the same cover with a flat head screwdriver.

4. Now slip your hand inside the fender cover until you can reach the back of the headlight bulb.

5. Turn the bulb counter-clockwise to remove from stationary headlight fixture and slide out the wiring harness to replace the bulb.

6. There is a lock tab on the bulb holder which you need to release with pressure to remove the old bulb.

7. Place the new bulb in the holder, being careful not to touch the glass , as skin oils will make the new bulb burn out faster.

If you do touch the glass bulb, be sure to thoroughly clean it with a soft cloth to remove all oils before replacing.

8. Place the new bulb in the headlight fixture, turning clockwise to lock it into place.

9. Test the light to make sure it is functional.

10. Then replace the fender cover.

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