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Released September 14, 2012, Apple's EarPod headphones are a new revision to their iconic white headphones. Model number: MNHF2AM/A.

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My apple earpods broken

I got my phone 4 months ago and the earpods dont work now, like i only hear the beat and the music but not the singing. when i twist and turn where you plug it in the sound gets better but i have to keep it like that. can someone please help me i dont want to buy new ones cause i love these too much

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So, the problem is either the phone's earphone jack, the plug on the earbuds, or the wire in the EarPods. I would suggest plugging the EarPods into a different device. If they behave correctly, then the problem is the headphone jack on your phone. There is a great guide for replacing the headphone jack on this site most likely, but you did not specific what phone you have. If the problem is the EarPods, they are likely fixable as well. You may need to cut off and reattach the jack on the end. Depending on where you have to apply the pressure to get them to work though, you may not have enough wire left for a proper splice.

Good luck!

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