Repair and disassembly guides for AirPort Extreme routers.

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No power and no internet access

Any way to repair an Airport Extreme Base Station with Gigabit Ethernet?

One day the front light went out and no internet access.

Used the power supply from my other Airport but it still would not power up.


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I have this exact same problem. It was working fine one minute and then stopped working the next. I am taking it back to the Apple store to have them check it out. Mine also had a bit of that electrical burning smell coming from the device. When it is plugged in I can hear it emitting a high pitched humming type sound. Probably some internal component failure. Will see what they can do.


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I've seen no user replaceable parts in either the power supply or the unit. If you get no lights on the unit you can try replacing just the power adapter. If you have AppleCare on your computer the Airport Station will be covered by Apple.

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