No sound in the earphone, but the speaker is working.

Hello, I have a Iphone 5 that is finished warranty.

The problem is the speaker is working properly as an example, when I turn on the any music I can hear the sound clearly though my iphone. However, if I put the earphone into the jack, I cannot hear the sound anymore. The funny thing is although the earphone is put into the jack the sound is still being came out though the speaker in the iphone.

That is why I guess that my iphone 5 has a problem about headphone jack.

This is a just guess so, I want to ask you should I change the my headphone jack or check it out something?.

I am considering to buy this one if I am right. 'iPhone 5 Dock Connector and Headphone Jack'

I have dropped the iphone several times and taking into the washroom listening the music during taking a shower also.

just in my opinion because of the moisture, the headphone jack could be damaged.

Please give me the answer ASAP.


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First, try reseating the connector on the logic board. If it still doesn't work, then you are correct and you should buy that part.

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how can i restart to connector


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