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La PlayStation 3 slim es la segunda versión de la video consola PS3 producida por Sony Computer Entertainment. Fue lanzada el 1 de Septiembre de 2009.

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220V power supply?

Hello I'm french and I just bought a PS3 slim 250 Gb for christmas

Is it correct that i can connect directly to the 220 V power supply without a transformer ?

Thank you for your answer

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I forgot to precise that this PS3 is coming from US

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The label does not specify that it works with 220V, but it actually does. Our teardown found that the power supply is rated for 220V, and several users have confirmed it.

Take your PS3 international without fear!

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tahnk you very much

but is it true for both PS3 slim (120 Go and 250 Go)?

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I confirm that the power supply of the PS3 is working from 110 to 240 V and from 50 to 60 Hz

thanks a lot

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Thank you for the information. My money intended for volt converter can now be used for buying Riesling white wine! ;)

Matteus Ljunggren, Vancouver/Stockholm

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I have PS3 Slim CECH-2501B 320gb latest model. I bought it in USA (110V) and brought it to India (220V). Will it work without attaching a converter. It says rated for 120V at the bottom.

I understand that others have tried it and succeeded but I'm afraid if Sony changed anything with the latest generation (40nm/45nm technology) of PS3 Slim.

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its true.

i live in india and i bought a ps3 cech 2001a( aka slim) from us.

no need to change the power cable.

just plug it in and enjoy.


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what does it say on the label?

I 'm not trying to be funny, but have a look on the box, and the PS3 (not sure if it takes an power block)


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Hi guys, the information I am posting here is for the guys who are caught in a dilemma whether a PS3 that has been bought in USA where power supply is in 110 V range does work in India and other countries that have a higher voltage system between 220-240 V without using a Step down converter. As with my instance, I had bought a PS3 320GB Move Sports championship Bundle with model no CECH-2501B and power reading 120 V -2 A 60 Hz, from USA and brought it to India (220-240 V power supply). Initially, like every body else, I had same doubt whether my PS3 will work in India without using the power converter (step down) or do I really needed a step down power converter. I was also scared (before plugging) if my much desired PS3 will burnout due to high voltage. I have seen and read posts over internet and also enquired my friend regarding this, Trust me guys my PS3 model no CECH 2501B with power reading 120V -2A 60 Hz worked absolutely fine without a Power converter and its been 3 days since I am using it in India without hassles. You can also you the PS3 safely without converter if your PS3 model is same as mine (as I tested only my model). For other models read thru internet blogs and figure out but for most PS3 power voltage may not be a problem as they are compatible universally. Beware of power converter (step down) as using it may cause noise and unusual side effects like blurring of image in the PS3.

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yes yes event if on the back of PS3 wrote 120V. but it does work with 220V. I tested it already

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