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Guías de reparación y soporte para cámaras SLR digitales de Nikon, desde la gama profesional de alta gama hasta las cámaras de consumo de nivel de entrada.

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Why is the viewfinder blurry on my Nikon D3200?

I just bought a new nikon d3200 camera and it turned out that it came with really blurry viewfinder. The first idea was to adjust dioptric wheel right next to it, but nothing changed. Then I tried reading the manual and following all the steps described there, but turning dioptric adjustment wheel doesn't make any effect. When I look into the viewfinder at angle I can see some of the numbers pretty sharp but when looking straight nothing is visible.

This problem does not affect the picture quality, they all come out in focus. Even when I turn the live view mode on, the picture on display is sharp.

I didn't drop or hit the camera, maybe something happened during transportation although it was well packed. However it was extremely cold outside when the camera was delivered.

Any ideas how to adjust the viewfinder or fix it myself? I bought this item on eBay and it comes with no warranty.

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My wife dropped my D70S square on to the eyepiece. We used it on Auto with a blurry eyepiece for a few months until the lense in the eyepiece just floped foward and blocked the view. Is it possible this site's tutorial on accessing the eyepiece will allow me to simply readjust the eyepiece back in to proper focus?

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Is the camera 'New' in the box it come in with the packaging? Or did someone pack it up to re-sell after they used it?

A blurry finder is often a loose eyepiece lens or the prism has become un-mounted. In both cases these tend to be from a drop or hard bang.

Modern digital camera repair is like fixing a watch and a computer at the same time!

As you just got it I would return it to the seller for your money back or bring it into a Nikon authorized repair station, as they have the special tools you would need and the skills to fix it. Bring proof of purchase (receipt and/or bank transaction) and print out the web page of the seller and show them it as well if it states it was brand new (if it was). They maybe able to repair it under warranty still.

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