right half of the Display is black, the rest is fine

Hey Everybody,

please help me!

I really need to work with my MacBook.

The problem is:

- the right 60% of the display stays black, the rest works perfect.

- sometimes only one stripe is black and the 40% from the left are grey instead, sometimes there are some thin lines in black, everything vertical

- external monitor and screenshots are fine

- problem came and went away once, now came back and stays like that.

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I think it's the ribbon cable which might have become loose. If this is the problem, you might need to open it and fix it but these ribbon cables are very fragile.

Depending on the model, you can find the instructions on how to check this here:


hope this helps.

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Do you have any support for the faulty cable being the problem? I have a unresolved similar issue on a 27" iMac for a customer.


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Thanks for the help.

- there was nothing loose, therefore I bought a new cable, but it didn't help.

I then replaced the Display itself - now everything works fine.

The guy in the store said it could have been a transistor or something in the display.

thanks anyway

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