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The new hard drive won't slide in

I am installing a new 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate SATA Hard Drive. I am at the point of sliding the new HD in the silver bracket back into the Mac, but it doesn't seem to want to go the last 1/2 cm or so. I don't want to force it as I am pushing pretty hard. When comparing the new HD to the old one, there is a difference in the area around the 4 copper pins (jumper block). The new one has a plastic collar or border (see, while the old one doesn't. Could this be making a difference?

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I have had this problem, and for me it was the rubber shock grommet bunching up around the corners in back and preventing the HD from sliding in the whole way. I took the top case off and put the grommet around the HD and placed it in. Then it worked.

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I'll give your solution a try. That maybe the problem. My wife had originally installed the new HD upside down. Perhaps that bunched up the rubber shock grommet. I just tried re-installing the original HD and it won't slide in either. Thanks.


That was absolutely the problem! The rubber shock grommet was bunched up and not allowing the HD to slide in! Kind of a cheap way to have the grommet attached on both sides though.

Thanks so much for your great answer!


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I had the exact same problem! thankfully i found this and realised what had happened. and it was easy to fix once i knew what to do!

thanks alot guys!


Thank goodness I found this - I couldn't work out why the hard drives wouldn't slide back in (new one or old one!!).

Took top case off using iFixit's guide, repositioned grommet and it was all fine :-)

Thanks everyone!


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