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iMac G5 won't power on even after replacing power supply, help!

I have had this iMac G5 model forever and am not ready to let it go. A little before the holidays my computer started to make some loud crackling noises that were very intense? I shut it off manually. Started it back up later -- no problem for a little while but eventually the noises started again so I unplugged everything.

I set my computer near the window to stay cool after the initial noise night. Turned on great in the morning before work! I just happened to not have external enough memory to save all my photographs and music. I shut it down properly...but when I returned from work at night with more memory, the computer decided to not function normally again and could not boot itself up.

I did the diagnostics trouble shooting from apple ( and my LED 1 is on, and LED 2 lights up momentarily.

I figured it was a power supply issue due to the above link.

I went away for a week for the holidays. Decided I'd try the computer had a holiday miracle and turned on again! But once I was to my desktop and trying to get my files off it began the noise so I immediately unplugged it. Being able to access my files time after time for short periods makes me believe that my hard drive was not damaged and I am grateful for that.

But now that I have purchased a "fully tested and functional power supply" from the Internet and successfully replaced my old one, I am wondering why my computer is STILL doing the same LED light indications and not starting up.

What else could this mean? I hear a "clicking" noise when I "start up" the computer from the back panel being removed where the fan gives a little jimmy but then stops. But it literally sounds like a click and I only see that fan action for .2 of a second with the momentary LED light display. Is there still other parts that would affect the power supply?

This is my first computer repair and I am not sure where to go to next so I would greatly appreciate if anyone can provide some clarification and guidance to getting my computer functioning properly again.

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I might talk to your internet vendor… if only LED 1 is on you still have a power problem…

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Have you heard of anything else causing power supply issues if this power supply is in fact functional that I just received?

I have no way to test if it is a functional power supply that I received, but it is guaranteed to work and I will contact the vendor tonight.

I am really baffled. The "click" that I hear when the fan does the little jimmy action seems to be a faint click on the left hand side near the bottom. Sounds like the area where the actual outside panel button would be located.

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Some of these models had bad caps if that's it, given your resources, you may have to visit a computer/small electronics shop. clicking noise can often be a failing (ready to fail) HD - tbut that has noting to do with LED #2. Only you know how much time & $ this project is worth.

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Bad caps inside of the power supply or on the logic board? I assumed it would be taken care of by the new power supply due to the LED lights.

Hmmm, if another power supply cannot fix the issue -- is there a way that I can get my iMacs hard drive out to save all of my files? Due to how old it is -- I never backed anything up because it was always so reliable (and nothing was compatible with it by the time I got wise enough due to the advancement in technology). I have never had a problem with it until now.

I am not sure how I would take it out either if there is a way for me to personally retrieve the files by disassembling the computer. Suggestions and step guide by chance?

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Follow the guide for HD replacement… stop once you get your old drive out. Put the old drive in an external case and you can access it from a new Mac. But the new Mac will not boot from it. If you can scrounge up a used G5 it would be able to boot to the external drive. Everyone knows to keep a backup… for most it takes something like this to understand why. Once you get your new Mac you may use the old drive for backup… but realize it will fail sooner than if you bought a new backup drive.

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Is there a particular external case that I should get to work with this specific iMac model?

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