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Why is my iPhone not restoring?

I plugged my phone in after having a dead battery. First up, my iPhone decided to do that thing where it flashing the startup screen (apple logo) and flashing to a black screen over and over and over... So I googled around for some answers and finally came to the conclusion that I must put my phone into recovery mode and restore the whole thing (What a pain!). I proceeded to do so and was shortly presented with an error. It was error 21 which is a hardware problem. I tried different USB cables, different USB ports... Even different laptops to which I was still presented with this error. I then tried to restore in DFU mode and was presented with the same error. My last resort would be to go to a shop but I'm trying hard not to do so. My phone does nothing when off charge now and when on charge (whether it's connected to a wall or laptop) it shows the "Connect to iTunes" screen. Please help me, any solutions are welcome.

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I am having a similar issue. After replacing my screen the phone just started rebooting after it got to the apple logo. Once I put it in DFU mode the restore is stuck at the "verifying restore with apple" phase. I've left it for hours but it doesn't get past that phase. Any help on this matter will be appreciated.

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