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MacBook Pro A1229 doesn't start - what to do?

So I thought I had got a bargain in 17" A1229 model mac pro, which ran fine till a week, then I started having issues.

Sorry for my long post but I think giving whole history only can make someone figure out the pattern, because I can no longer derive anything from what's happening.

1- Firstly, the screen just went blank when it was ON (may have sleeped). Then after several failed keystroke attempts, I gave it to Apple care guys - and they said they can't fix it - according to them only the logic board was to blame because they had tried everything else. And they had no replacement as it was 2007 vintage category now.

So took it back home, kept it on magsafe (ON) for about 2 hours. Then I randomly pressed Cmd+Shift+Power, and it started with a bang sound, with display and everything!

2- It ran for next two days, then again, same issue started. (when shutdown, I keep it POWERED OFF, even the adapter is out of outlet). When I attached the magsafe and powered it on, only the white front light lit up. No bang sound.

After that I read up this one, and gave it a try. The result?

- Bang sound came

- White light

- No screen yet

- Fan started with high velocity

I turned it off, and on again, and same result.

Sometimes I will plug out the power completely, and when I turned back ON, it would light up the keyboard, would respond to keystrokes and all. Sometimes it will make the bong sound, sometimes not. I keep trying resetting SMC, keep resetting PRAM and keep POWERING ON & OFF, but I keep getting different combinations of:

- white light, no bang

- no light, but bang

- white light, and bang both.

- keyboard light up / no keyboard lights

But no display yet!!! I see no sound of HDD too. And no, Apple care turned out to be more incompetent than my own effort, as you can see above.

What is happening? Has it anything to do with temperature? Is it cooling too much or heating too much? I am sure all components are OK and it just has something to do with power so I want it back anyhow.

Please help....

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Try connecting an external monitor and booting from the install/repair disk. if you see something normal on the screen it means the problem is with the internal video chain, but if you get the same (no display) you probably have a bad VGU/VGC and that's what Apple Care determined.

VGUs can't be fixed or replaced… only an entire logic board can do that. . . if that's too expensive or due to age you can't locate one you may want to part out your machine take that $ and what you'd spend on replacement parts to purchase a new/used macbook.

If you get/see a normal display on the external monitor you should run AHT - and if it tosses out no error on the first run, do it two more times in succession (if it's an overheating problem one run of AHT may not stress it enough to cause overheat).

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I don't have access to another display, but what I remember is Apple care tried it with no success. And where I live (India), I won't find any takers for parts, let alone an entire working one. I got this laptop from a friend in UK from an online seller. Alas, the gamble didn't pay off. Does the high fan suggest any following?

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Yes - as I said that it starts, then shuts down points to overheating, but if you can run any aps or tests it's all just speculation.

- de

It powers ON well all the time, with a bong. I confirmed it using the OS X shortcuts which work OK. The issue is only with the display now, and I do have a CRT but no cable. I remember the screen worked perfect for some days now not working. Any guesses?

- de

Same as before - nothing new to offer with out more data from hardware tests.

- de

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Due to age. the palm rest has a tendancy to move/stretch change shape , this may well now be occasioanlly shorting the logic board, if my mem servs me right, try logic board location below where your left palm would be, further insulation may get things back to normal, if this is the problem don not just leave as some damage can not be corrected in this area due to logic board being of multi layered construction

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+1 thanks for hope. What do you mean by "try logic board location below..." - should I keep it tilted? If yes, how exactly? I know it's randomly working but I want to know exactly. Also, one more input: It doesn't have a battery, this area is exposed, and so some pins in that area are open.

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The Palm rest needs to be removed to check for short direct to board, I have seen this often on this model, usually in location beneath left hand/palm area, you also need a battery. Accidental shut down, due to sudden loss of power, will result in more unneccesary damage (hard drive), causing further problems, would be worth checking beneath palm rest first before you invest in a new battery, only ever buy original battery & power supply, never use compatable, I think this unit is beyond tilting, an empty battery bay should not cause problems as long as nothing else gets in there.

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