After replacing volume and power cable, constant vibration on ringing

So I swapped out my volume / power / vibrate cable after my power button suffered the defective problem where it died slowly then completely. The repair went well using the ifixit tool kit and looks pretty much untouched inside asides from the flash LED cable which looks slightly squint.

The problem is, the new cable works in terms of buttons etc but my vibrate motor seems to be having issues pulsing vibrations to the motor. The motor seems to work on demand but the low parts of the motor pulsing don't seem to be hitting 0 volts to the motor. The motor sort of switches between its running voltage and a slightly lower voltage causing the motor to vibrate constantly without pulses. Anyone got any ideas? The cable seemed to be positioned correctly, the only thing I can think of is that the cable isn't seated quite right although the chance of the other 4 buttons working and not the motor seems slim.

Any ideas? All are welcome ahead of me digging in again but I'd like a few ideas before opening it back up.

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Ok, so I've fixed it. It turns out the small squishy pad was missing from the top of the new cable's connector. I removed the old pad from the old connector and put it in place using micro tweezers to pry the old one off.

The phone now works like new. It's probably worthwhile looking at this part if the vibrate motor has those sort of symptoms though.. Tough repair but manageable if you have patience.

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