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Why do the rear light fuses keep blowing on Dodge Durango?

Since plugging in the inverter to charge my laptop the fuses for my rear lights keep blowing... the brake lights still work, but i just don't have any rear lights. The same has happened for my console, so at night I cannot see speedo or fuel guages etc. I am thinking it might be burnt wiring but what else can I try to repair it?

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First of all, make sure you are using the correct size fuse. The amperage is usually marked either in or near the open to the fuse slot.

The fuse could also blow as a result of internal shorts in the bulbs. A short in the bulb would draw too much current through the circuit, causing the fuse to blow.

I have heard that the trailer wiring harness can also be the culprit. Check it out for shorts or grounds, ie bare metal. You should also check the wiring in the dash for the same problems. Sometimes the stereo wiring can ground out and blow fuses, especially if your stereo has a dimmer function.

Good Luck!

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