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No sound from speakers

Hi , I have a Iphone 4s and suddenly the sound from the speakers stopped as I was listening to music. I have removed the loud speaker assembly and checked the contacts and refitted but to no avail.

Phone still works for calls and everything else except anything that is supposed to come out of the speakers doesn't so therefore I don't get notification of calls coming in

Any ideas where I should start looking

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You can reboot the phone first to eliminate any software issue.

I guess charging port assembly needs to be replaced.

Charging port assembly is the first reason due to water damage and corrosion and short.

Second reason is the speaker.

I would replace charging port assembly first.

If not i would change the speaker.

There is a test to see what is the problem.

On the home screen press volume up or down

If you see "ringer" word on screen the problem is speaker if you dont see "ringer" the problem is charging port assembly.

Please let me know the test result before repair attempt.

Good luck ...

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Thank you for you response

I have tried your test as follows

I have 2 iphone 4s

The faulty one has ringer on home screen as does the good one

When music app is playing on the faulty one up/down volume buttons do not change the volume bar in the app


Hi Digit

Disregard the bit about the slider in the app not going up and down

it was operator problem (idiot me)

So as you described "ringer" is there on the home screen and moves up/down with volume buttons - all else seems OK - except no noise



I would replace speaker first. The black plactic part is the speaker. It has gsm antenna on it. When you purchase it usually comes without antenna. Antenna is transferrable. Its a ribbon type antenna. Be careful when you remove it.


Thanks Digit

I was thinking thats a good place to start

I will get a new speaker and relace it and let you know what happens

Might be a while with Christmas and all that

Its my wifes and we are not waiting for it as she bought a 5s, but I just want to fix it for a spare


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I have same problem. Intermittently the speaker works. Using Digit's test while problem is active I see the word "ringer" but there is no volume indication under the bell or speaker image. This is consistent when problem is occurring so I I'm going to clean my charge port assembly. I already replaced the speaker. John

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If there is no volume indicator you need to replace the charging port. There is short somewhere in charging port. Your phone is acting like connected to a device from charging port (like your car or dvd player). In that case your phone doesnt make sound and volume control doesnt work since its connected to a device


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I had this problem. I also noticed if I let the iphone run out of power, the screen would flicker for hours after I charged it.

Weeks later the battery finally gave in, that is, it would not hold charge over night. So was useless as an alarm clock (really important for me). As I could live with the sound and screen issue, I decided to just replCe the battery.

All three problems immediatly went away. I guess the battery had lost its ability to provide enough current to power everything at once.

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This worked for me

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Had this same problem. Sound disappeared during a youtube video and the volume buttons did absolutely nothing. Volume controls worked with headphones (or computer speakers) plugged in, but buttons went inop when headphones removed.

Cleaned around the CHARGING port with a flattened drinking straw (3 strokes back and forth each side) and it works like new.

Hope this helps someone.

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