The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Won't boot, screen is white.

My machine is: Mac Pro 4.1 2009, Quad.

The machine suddenly stopped working and it will not boot. When I press power button I get only white screen (little gray maybe) and it never does anything.

I tried removing all hard drives (unplugging all SATA cables) and RAM modules (4x8GB regular DDR3), I still had original memory so I tried that but no effect.

At first I thought it was GPU issue because it behaved little funny - it'd take 5-10 seconds for display to wake up after waking up from sleep or powering up. It would also occasionaly change colors for a fraction of second but nothing serious.

I put GPU away and tried powering it up, hoping to reach it via network (I have LAN cable set up and LogMeIn installed). It did not show up in web panel.

Next I connected my Macbook Pro and Mac Pro with FireWire 800 cable. I held "T" key when powering up Mac Pro in hopes to reach it via target disk mode (and then boot the machine off MBP to set up screen sharing) but that didn't work either.

I inspected CPU board twice. Only slight problem I found was that on one side of heatsink the fin was slightly bent like this:

Block Image

I slightly pressured my finger and touched the fin, it got narrow - I didn't use any force really. This didn't help too. Mac Pro is connected to CyberPower UPS so I tried another power outlet, that didn't had any effect too.

It seems that computer responds to keyboard somewhat as I managed to do PRAM reset but holding ALT key does nothing, Apple logo nor circular loading symbol never appears.

I am running out of ideas here, the machine worked perfectly for the year I've had it and I'm really worried there's something wrong with mobo. I will probably take it to authorized repair centre but I was hoping someone would give me some advice. Is there anything I can do before bringing it to shop?

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Hi, OSek, could you tell me how did you resolved this issue? Thank you very much.


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I think it's your HD. If it's bad or going bad it can hang the system. Disconnect the HD try to boot from an install disk or your targeted MBP.

See What causes a White Screen/ Grey Screen on A1181?

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I doubt that. I wrote that I disconnected all drives (all SATA cables including optical drive). At least, I should be getting that folder with question mark or something, at least I could switch bootdrives using Option key. As a matter of fact I have bootable backup that I could use on one of the drives but since the machine does not respond to anything, there's nothing to do (also note target disk mode didn't work).


I though you target booted the MB and then tried to boot the MacPro from it… Have you tried to boot into single user mode (command-s) - if that fails your EFI is not working and I would concur the logic board is bad.


I tried single user mode and also safe mode but still nothing. it's stuck before anything is initialized it seems. will take my Mac Pro to service center next monday, hopefully they'll tell me what's wrong with it but i doubt it's financially viable for me to replace motherboard, they go for around 500 USD here which is a limit for me that I'm willing to take.


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