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Why won't my iPod touch turn on after I replaced the battery?

My iPod touch was getting worse and worse battery life by the day and I thought it best that you if I replaced the battery. this proved to be harder than might have thought. Because the battery was soldered onto the logic board I spent a long time unsoldering the old battery and soldering the new one on. Once I did that I put the iPod back together and pluged it in. I left it on charge over night but when I woke up it was still on the low battery screen and I haven't got the iPod past that screen yet. Does anyone know how to fix this.

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It's hard to tell what could be wrong because no one else knows what your soldering looks like. Things that can go wrong when you do this repair are that you could have torn one of the pads off while unsoldering the old battery. you could have overflowing solder that could be touching the other pads. you might not have a complete connection with your solder. I would check the voltage of your new battery and make sure its sitting somewhere around 3.7. That would tell you whether that battery is good or not. Other than that it's hard to give an answer without seeing the solder job.

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