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Lanzado en octubre de 2008 / 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8 o 2.93 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo

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Dim green light on magsafe charger with new battery + DC-in board

Hi, I've got the dim green light problem on the magsafe charger with my macbook pro.

The laptop works fine when it has battery (only problem being that the battery takes a really long time to charge back up even a few %, and the magsafe has the dim light). If the battery is left to completely empty the laptop won't turn back on, even after being left for days to charge...However, once a new battery is put in which has charge in it, it works again (with the same problem with the slow charging and dim green light)

I've tried...

1) Using another charger (still get the dim light)

2) Resetting the SMC

3) Replacing the battery (I've now been through three!!)

4) Replacing the DC-in board


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By chance did something spill onto the system or did you sit the system down on a wet surface?

I would start off by downloading this little gem of a tool to see more clearly what is going on coconutBattery. Tell us what it tell you.

I suspect you likely have some corrosion on the main logic board around the FET's or one of the FETs is failing. Look between the fans the five pin'ed devices are the FET's (4). Here's a good image for reference Logic Board


Well some good news here SMC services area working and the Battery is in good shape.

The bad news is it looks like the charging logic has a problem on the main logic board. As you suspect liquid damage I think you need to do a teardown of the system to repair or replace the keyboard and clean up any spillage on the logic board (both sides). You'll need distilled water (not tap) and high grade of Isopropyl alcohol (85% or better). Some cotton swabs (Q-Tips) & a soft toothbrush to scrub some areas. First remove the battery and then use the distilled water on any stained areas to clean up the corrosion afterwards go over the same areas again with the alcohol to clean any oil or grease and to act as a drier to help in removing the last traces of water. Make sure to let the system dry out a good day before powering up again

For now lets pop off the bottom cover and inspect the FET's and the charging circuit which is located between the fans. Do you see any corrosion or damage using the picture I gave you as reference?

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Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.'s the thing....I bought it off ebay so I can't be sure, but after doing some reading I'm guessing that it has had water damage because the keyboard lights are only working in the middle (if i would have known this was a sign of water damage I never would have bought it!!)

I'm not sure which ones are the FET's? I can't see any with five pins?

If it is corrosion where do I go from here? Would cleaning the logic board be a good idea?

Thanks a lot Dan

- de

The FET's are a larger SMT device with five pins one large pin on one side and four smaller on the other. Look at the image I supplied you'll find them smack between the fans on the logic board.

- de

Battery Charge

Current Charge - 4453mAh

Maximum charge - 4715 mAh


Battery Capacity

Current Capacity - 4715 mAh

Design Capacity - 4600mAh



Mac Model - Macbook pro 5,1

Age of your Mac - 62 months

Battery load cycles: 1

Battery temperature - 29.6

battery power usage - 0.9 watt

- de

Hi Dan, I can't notice anything obvious? Is it a good idea to give it a clean anyway? So should I go ahead and order a new backlight and change that first??

- de

Thats not a bad idea, but... you'll need to get down to the top case assembly to do that. The keyboard assembly can then be replaced. Follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2008 and Early 2009 Upper Case Replacement

- de

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Comparable description of the issue

The solution I got was too simple not to post.

With battery the macbook (A1342) didn't boot and magsafe connector showed a very faint green led.

After disconnecting the battery, I could get the Macbook to boot. No magsafe led visible.

I guessed the battery (status: service required) had finally shorted internally causing the dim led. I ordered a new battery: Nope. Same problem.

The issue finally proved to be the Magsafe port within the Macbook. It had shifted a tiny bit inwards due the two Torx screws holding it not being very tight. The magsafe connector seems to connect (magnetic), but the full electric connection actually got obstructed by the outside of the lower shell of the Macbook. Due to this the pins didn't all connect correctly. I guess the middle pin of the connector simply didn't link. (I was able to boot without battery remember, so two outer pins must have connected alright)

Shifting the Magsafe port connector further out and retightening the screws (one of them below the lcd data cable connector) solved it for me.

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It happened to me like 15mins ago so that brought me here. I was thinking why its in dim light. I was like maybe to supply of power from the house is not enough. But no, so i pressed shift option control and power button at the same time, and a miracle happened. The charger turned to red light and when i opened it its charging properly..

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So in your case resetting the SMC solved things. in the this case Dave had already tried that and still was having problems which is why we had to go deeper.

- de

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I had the same problem with a frayed MagSafe 1 cable and mine was fixed with a Pram reset CMD + OPT + P + R immediately after boot from hard power down - keep keys pressed until 2nd chime

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