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Sleep / Wake Loop while Screen Down

Laptop goes to Sleep when screen is closed then wakes up moments later only to repeat the process. Process only stops once laptop is reopened however sometimes some keyboard commands don't work (delete & command Q, restart corrects this issue).

Tried resetting the PRAM, reloaded OS, and checked key board alinement. No affect.

I ran a small magnet over Reed Switch. Laptop goes to sleep with screen turning black then goes into wake/sleep loop again however when it is "awake" screen is 90% black with desktop faintly visible. Laptop wakes up once magnet remove.

Laptop goes to sleep normally if screen is left up and not closed. No sleep/ wake loop.

So I'm thinking of just disconnecting the reed switch.

is there anyway to disconnect it without tearing the laptop and bezel apart?

If not (and assuming it's a bad Reed Switch) does anyone know if the Reed Switch is included with the Inverter / Airport Cable Product code: IF183-000-1? I have replaced my LCD before and If i have to dig that deep I would rather just replace the reed switch.

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The reed switch is along the right edge of the screen assembly. You can just pop the back of the screen casing off (after removing 4 screws), and then you can unscrew it, or just leave it place and cut the cables, which is what I usually do. Just make sure not to confuse it with the WIFI antenna. Once you've cut the cables the laptop will no longer go to sleep when you close the screen lid, but at least the behavior you're experiencing will stop.

You can replace the whole thing, but you're talking about a pretty intense repair. Personally, I would not bother on such an old laptop.

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Ok, i solved the issue so I'm posting my own answer. It was the keyboard.

I did cut the reed board switch cables and if that was it I'm sure it would have done the trick but it made no difference in my case. In fact it started looping even if I manually put it to sleep after that. I disengaged the keyboard, plugged in a USB keyboard and it has been working perfectly for over 24hrs now.

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