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Opened my iPhone 5, now the display wont work

So I had to replace the battery on my iPhone 5, which I did using the guide and parts from this site. Repair was quick and easy, however, now my display won't show anything.

My phone is still able to sync with my laptop, and it will charge, but that is all it can do. While plugged in, it continuously does the vibrate as if it is receiving texts, but still nothing comes on the display and holding the home and/or lock buttons does nothing. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the display and power cycling the phone, as well as clearing the phone out and trying it again. When on, I do see a white light coming from the behind the metal plate attached to the screen, but nothing, even light, is visible through the glass.

Can someone please explain what is going on and what I could possibly do to fix it, as Verizon won't let me have a new one until April of next year, and I don't have $650 to spend on a phone right now.



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i have exactly the same Problem... I replaced the battery of my phone yesterday just as described here on this page. And my problem is the same as you got it... it's vibrating continuously and got no light... but i can sync it with itunes...

I hope someone got an answer to this problem...

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Have you tried a soft reset? If not, make sure there are no tears in the flex cable of the lcd. Make sure it's fully connected. Did you turn the phone off before unplugging any of the flex cables?

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I have tried soft reset, but the home button won't do anything, regardless of the batteries power. None of the flex cables appear to be damaged. I have fully connected them numerous times. And I did make sure my phone was off before opening it.

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