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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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xbox reads dvd-r and not games (discription)

hey guys i recently had this problem before heres some info:

xbox 360 elite

orignal dvd drive that came with the xbox

before it would read games and not dvd-r's

put in a game and it will spin then stop then spin again

and then stop then on the xbox comes up open tray you have to open and close tray like 40 times ( including the spin and stop and spin ) takes about 1 hour for it to finaly read an xbox game

brand of the drive: philips DG-16D2S

dont know what to do now its the orignal drive so it should work because ther maried they have the same codes does anyone know a fix ????

heres a video i made for the info:

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Thomas, you are absolutely correct that the the CD drive is married to the motherboard. The fact that it reads DVD's and not games is generally an indication that either the board has a problem or the drive was spoofed.

Story Time!

When I first got my Xbox 360 I decided to hack my drive so that I could play burned games, and to do this I purchased a second drive for the system and spoofed the firmware from the original drive on the new one. It worked well for about 3-4 years, but one day my system did an update and all of a sudden I had difficulty getting these same games to run. I ended up having to eject the tray many times before i could get it to read burned or genuine games, and then install the game to the drive so that I did not get read errors when I did manage to get it to open, after a while I got sick of having to eject the games constantly, so I simply put the original drive back in and started playing genuine Xbox games, and have not had any problem reading those. The whole time I was having the problems, it never failed to play a regular or burned DVD, only games were the problem.

End Story Time :(

I suppose what I am try to get at here is that your problem to me sounds like the drive was spoofed. If you did spoof the drive, and you did keep a copy of the original firmware, you can undo the spoof and make the drive just like it was when you purchased it.

If you did not spoof the drive, that would mean the CD drive board is failing, in that the chip that would authenticate with the motherboard is going bad. If this is the case, I would consider just going to either a used Xbox 360 or to an Xbox One.

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Thanks for all the info joel sadly I haven't spoofed my drive and I think the cd drive board is failing I don't think i'll go for a used xbox I think i'll stop and I have school need to spend more time on it thanks for everything joel :D you helped me a lot


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