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Half my screen is filled with colorful lines

Today my Samsung PN51E8000GF TV abruptly cut off the right side of my TV with colorful lines.

I don't believe there is anything wrong with my display because when I fiddle with the ribbon cables going to my display the picture is temporally fixed for a quick second.

So, I'm thinking it's either the cables or the board.

Here is a picture of my problem:

Block Image

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Matt Cammarano, since it only affects half of the screen, the problem is most likely on the right flex cable, membrane bond from screen to board, or the T-con board. Most likely this is a bad contact with the flex cable. Try to reseat the cable and make sure that it is properly inserted. Check for any tear or abraded area on the cable itself.Of that does not work, you may have to start looking for a T-con board.

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm most certain that the cables are fine, but I might of passed over something. I will have to take a second look inside the TV.

I am new to buying replacement boards online. Can you give me a few suggestions on where to look for new t-con boards ? And, if a flex cable is the problem, a source on where to buy those as well.

Thanks a lot


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