Logic Board is Messed Up

Well I bought an iphone 4 16gb

It had water damage so i did the usual isopropyl alchohol cleanup.

Iphone booted up just fine and everything is working except for the camera and some error with the power button, headphone/volume part.

I did a little research and i found out that the camera problem is because something on the logic board being chipped off while changing the lcd screen. I checked and they were missing.. I dont know much about soldering if you guys can help me with that.. I tried dropping a little bit of the circuit writer pen on those two little spots but no luck with the camera.

Now with the power button and headphone/volume.

The power button only works when it wants to. Very last response time on the power button actually. Also, the phone is always is headphone mode. I tried cleaning the headphone jack..it didnt work.. I restored the phone a couple time, still the same problem.. I even put the logic board in another phone.. Problems were still there. I really need to know what i have to do to get this working. Im willing to learn how to solder just so i can fix it.

Block Image


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Denise Lopez, post an image of your logic board with your question. Mark the parts that you identified as missing. Lets start with one thing first.....:-) use this guide to add images Adding images to an existing answer


I'm working off the iphone that is in question so I can't post the image normally sorry. I took the picture with a friends iphone.


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Denise Lopez, this is not an answer but a request. Any chance you could show the area I outlined with the teal colored square? It appears that there are a few components missing (red arrows) but it is possible that there are more.

Block Image


Still hard to see on your images. Check the attached image. there should be three components within the red square.

Block Image

Block Image

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should they be smooshed down? the three components.


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