Water Damage stuck on Connect to Itunes

Hi All,

My Iphone 4 is water damaged.

I did the following

1)Kept it in Rice for more than a week

Nothing happened the Phone did not turn on

2) Used 99% isopropyl Alchol and Cleaned the Logic board , all the Connections as far as I could

Now when I connect to the Power source

Connect to Itunes Logo comes up

If i remove the Power source the Phone turns off

if I try to restore it with Itunes i get 2001 error

Is the Logic board dead? what else I can do to restore the phone

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saty, since you already cleaned it, the next thing to try is to replace the battery. A failed battery can give you that problem as well as that error code.

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Try the steps that people tried in this thread. It is an old thread, but it seems to have been solved.


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i tried as said in the link still 2001 error iphone 4 cannot startup after restore


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I struggled with this problem for nearly one week, uninstalled all 3rd-party softwares from my computer. After reading recommendations from Apple, I then try to fix this issue by restarting iPhone and finally the phone was successfully plugged into my computer and connected to iTunes.

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