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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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What are these missing parts on my logic board?

I purchased a dead MBP late 2011 A1278, took it apart and have found problems. Comparing it with an image of an identical logic board I can see bits missing. outlined in red are resistors / parts that should be there.

outlined in green are the corresponding parts that should be there.

the board did not jumpstart.

what are the parts that are missing and where can i get them? is it possible to have someone put them back on and possible the board will boot again?

all other components ARE THERE.

for some reason, that top left corner got massively attacked.

thanks anyone

Block Image

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I am not sure that I understand the green part. Red is missing components and green is what?


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Matt Rowlands, all of the parts missing are capacitors. They are all part of the CPU IMVP7 & AXG VCore Output circuitry:

Block Image

Designator Value Package

C7515 10UF 10% 16V 0805

C7516 10UF 10% 16V 0805

C7517 1UF 10% 16V 402

C7518 0.001UF 10% 50V 402

C7519 0.001UF 10% 50V 402

C7525 10UF 10% 16V 0805

C7526 10UF 10% 16V 0805



Hope this helps, good luck.

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thanks old turkey, that does help. can you suggest a place to buy those capacitors? this is all experimental. i have to assume someone removed them to fix another mbp, i could be trying to fix a corpse. thanks


I would try places like as well as Those are pretty common SMD caps and will not be to expensive to purchase. The 402 package will be a bit tough to solder, but it's definitely is worth your while. It is a good and inexpensive experiment, you will just never know if you don't try:-)


I will order what i need and give it a go, I am quite new to this, my last question is what category cap's are they? im using and ive got as far as All Products > Passive Components > Capacitors and i'm faced with heaps of different kinds. are they silicon? what does SMD stand for? thanks for your guidance


SMD is a common acronym for Surface Mounted Device, for a single component it should actually be SMC Surface-mount components. This is opposite from components that connect through a hole on the circuit board, these components solder on top of the board. With the exception of C7530 and C7560, they are ceramic caps. C7515, C7516, C7525 and C7526 are identical and are for example available at mouser, part number 581-0805YD106K. C7530 and C7560 has a case marking D2E which is a 7.3 X 4.3 X 1.8mm case. You can use a sligthly higher cap, like mouser 581-TCJY336M016R0070


thanks so much. I will order, have them soldered and report back.


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