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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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won't start, no lights or power what could be wrong

won't start; no lights or power; when connected to wall power supply still no lights or power; what steps should I take to determine the problem?

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Some history would help us help you. Information about the last time it did work, what you were doing or what happened after (fall. spill, power surge etc).

I'd start by verifying the power outlet… then see if the charger works on another machine. Depending upon what those two steps reveal, and some history, I might either replace the charger, the battery or the DC-in board or all three.

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I'm attempting repair for someone else; I'll need to ask what was being done when it stopped working; Power Outlet? meaning the wall socket? The charger lights and changes color after connecting to laptop, I'm told that is normal, bt don't really know;

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also, where would i get a DC-In Board; does this have another name?

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On the right there's a link for parts catalogue. Some might call it a magsafe board. You'd want to know the history to fix it… a spill, of what (makes a difference in how you clean it) A surge or a drop cause other errors. If someone's been in it before you they could have damaged connectors or cables.

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K, so I spoke with the user and there was a water spill; I'm tryingto find out if it was directlyinto the keyboard and what the user did right after; ie. did they pull the plug before tilting, etc. So, now, what do you thin I'll need to replace? I hope you don't say the logic board..

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I don't know what you're looking at… corrosion? Burned marks on logic board, swollen components? All that? Yes a full logic board replace is likely, especially, if to the naked eye you see any of the previous… or if you see it with a magnifier. Search "repair liquid spill" under the most helpful answers tab - filter with "MacBook Air" and you'll see what you're in for.

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