Does the 5 screen fit in the 5C?

I was wanting to see if the iPhone 5 screen will fit in a 5C, cant find a 5C screen for sale.

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The 5 screen will not fit. The mounts are different, and so is the connector is also different. Keep your eyes open, the 5C replacement screens are shipping into the country this week.

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Hi David, I tried to replace a headphone jack assembly on a 5 S with a thumb print sensor and used your 822-5603, it wont work because there is nowhere to plug the sensor cable into and that should be built into the assembly, I looked for a different part # with that included and cant find it on etech site, can you see if it's available and email me at when you have it ?


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Check out

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The screens for the 5 don't fit the 5c. What I've been doing is finding iCloud locked 5c's on craigslist or offerup for cheap. It makes it easy to transfer because you don't have to transfer all the parts, just undo the screen on both phones and swap them out. Really simple fix.

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