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Versión CDMA del iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben reemplazarse como una unidad. Compatibilidad de 16 o 32 GB / Modelo A1349 / CDMA.

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Battery Connector Jumper Locations?

I have a water damaged iPhone 4 CDMA that had massive corrosion on the board. I managed to get everything cleaned up but as we all know corrosion is a heck of a gremlin and one of the legs on the battery connector is no longer making contact with the board. (looking at the board from the back of the phone as if we were removing it during a screen replacement it would be the northern most post/leg on the connector) Reconnecting it to the pad is not possible as the pad was ate away. Does anyone know the jumper locations for this particular iPhone?

Ill provide a little more information here just in case a person wiser than I spots something that could be another issue after the connector is repaired.

As of now the phone accepts power from the dock and will fully boot, with everything working, as long as it is on either a small iphone charging block or the larger ipad charging block WITH a battery installed. If it is plugged in to a computer usb port it simply cycles the boot logo. Also the phone will not stay on longer than 1-2 minutes while it is plugged into a charging block WITHOUT a battery installed.

Thank You in advance.

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you can find the actual battery connectors for sale. Soldering them off/on is a different story. I'm techy, i forget the basics of soldering, i tried and failed. But for not backing up my iphone, and it not staying on, it was worth the $50 at my local shop. Sometimes we can't fix it all on our own

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