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Decorational lighting used around the holidays.

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2 strings are dim and one bright

The three string of led lights are connected in series. the last string is bright and the others are dim. What can I do?

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i bought 2 boxes of strings (indoor/outdoor), at the same time, one is fine, the other dimmed and then went out, i tried replacing the fuses, didn’t help, don’t really think going through 1 bulb at a time is going to fix the issue, and I"‘m thinking it’s time to return them, unfortunately i already pitched the box :(. When i replaced the fuses, i plug it in, i get some dim bulbs and then they fade.

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1st thing I would do is to change the order of the 3 strands

- to see if the problem follows that specific strand or if the same strand position (3rd) is consistently brighter no matter which strand is put there

I have an odd situation myself

- bulbs at beginning of strand are dim, but then the rest are bright

I take a dim one out and swap with a bright one from the back half

- bingo: bright becomes dim and visa versa


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Have you replaced any of the bulbs or fuses?If you still have the box the lights came in, check to see the wattage of the bulbs it takes. Assuming you are talking about mini-lights, you can't mix wattages. Some take the 2.5 - 3.5 watt bulbs, and others take 6 watt bulbs.

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