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La PlayStation 3 Slim es la segunda versión de la videoconsola PS3 con el número de modelo original CECH-2000. Producida por Sony Computer Entertainment, solucionó muchos problemas de la Playstation 3 original (gruesa). Salió a la venta el 1 de septiembre de 2009.

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Broken onboard USB ports - where to source replacement?

Anyone know where to get a replacement on onboard USB port unit found on a PS3 Slim CECH-3003A?

Block Image

These two have been destroyed by kids and one is totally missing the internal "blade".

Trawling the web hasn't found me a supplier anywhere except for a questionable 2nd hand one in the USA on Ebay.

Anyone maybe tried replacing them with some standard USB sockets?

I'm based in the UK so something in europe would be better.

Any pointers appreciated!

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I just replaced the connector with a set of standard PCB USB A female ports.

The only hitch was that I bent two side posts over, soldered them together ad anchored them to the middle post hole for strength.

Works great, it even lines up with the existing holes.

Block Image

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I need someone replace my Ps3 slim USB port. Please

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I would find a electronics parts store in your area and ask them for a recommendation.

Example: I got the USB ports in the photo from "Vetco Electronics", they had business cards from many hobbyists who were willing to work on a PS3.

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FYI: I used this sort of ports similar to the ones in the below link and they are still fine after more than a year of use. If you don't open the case you can't tell that it isn't the OEM part.

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hi there, make a tutorial?

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Just solder a USB extension cable on

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That would be what you call a total bodge up!

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At least it works. Although it looks funny. Try to find anyone that sells scrap boards on ebay,you may get one with a good USB ports

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This does indeed seem to be the only solution, but even a dead ps3 slim sells on eBay for more than I'd expect to pay for a socket on its own.

I might just have to fix it up so only one port works, then the guy can use one of the many USB hubs available for it.

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