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La más grande de las computadoras portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Hard Drive Disappeared - Recover Data?

Hi there,

I was working on my MBA (bought Jan 2013) when all of a sudden it froze and shut down. I was in the middle of trying to do a back-up. When I turned it back on, a blank gray screen appeared and eventually a flashing file folder. I took it to an Apple Authorized Reseller (I am in Cambodia - no Apple stores here!); however, they said there is nothing they can do to recover the data and I need to replace the hard drive. I am desperate for my MBA to be working again, but even more desperate to have the files back as I was in the middle of my thesis.

What options are there to recover the data on my own (the store said they couldn't do anything)? Should I recover the data before sending my Mac in for service?

Thanks very much!

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Remove the drive and install it onto another macbook air to see if it boots, if it works, it's the logic board on your macbook that is defective. If the drive is indeed failed, take the drive to the data recovery service. Depending the condition of the drive, recovery may be very expensive or not possible at all

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I agree with Tom's idea and I think it is the motherboard problem. But be careful when you move your drive to another device, I do hope you only meet hardware problem but not data loss problem.

If you meet data loss problem, see if this post help you or not

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