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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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Clear instructions for handling a liquid spill?

Hi there. I spilled 2-3 tbsp of water containing lemon and vinegar onto the top of my keyboard by accident. My laptop immediately shut off. It won't turn on or charge. I am no computer genius but would like to fix it myself as I don't have money to take it to the apple store to fix it or purchase a replacement. I'm looking for step by step instructions on how to open and clean the lap top along with the proper tools required to do so. I know I need an itorch5 to open it, besides that I am clueless. I have not been able to find clear, simple instructions on the web or this web site. Do they exist? Please help! Thank you.

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There are 15 guides if you click the link under the image on the right (pick the one for your exact model). STUDY the guide before you begin (most damage comes from pulling a connector the wrong way, or not unlocking it before pulling), but you should disconnect the battery as soon as possible and USE NO FORCED AIR. Follow the tag for "repair liquid damage" to see what you're in for.

You need to clean the logic board (this is an advanced DIY project) you need to wash the acid (vinegar) off the board but before you do examine it with a magnifyer to see if there are burn marks on it. Burned components will either have to be replaced (a professional job) OR indicate that the logic board is beyond a DIY save and should just be replaced. If there are no burns after a light scrub with a soft brush rinse in distilled (deionized) water, followed by 99% alcohols then dry it thoroughly (days not minutes or hours) by letting it stand or packing it in dessicant for a few days - examine for corrosion. Reassemble and test.

If the DIY clean and dry failed you've now had practice for swapping the logic board.

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