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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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LCD and glass ok, no response to touch.

I have a Sprint L710 Galaxy S3 that had a cracked front glass so I changed out the entire front assembly. The screen display and buttons work fine, but it doesn't respond to any touch. The part of the screen cable that you can see that connects to the motherboard looks fine and the connection seems solid. I already did factory reset and triple checked the connections.

Is there anything else I can do to try to get touch to work besides buying another screen assembly? (that would push my costs up into the buy another one zone).

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I have the exact same problem. I shattered the top glass, but the touch worked fine. I put clear packing tape on it for a quick fix. Then I removed and re set the top glass (OEM and a die cut adhesive gasket) as gently as can be done. (I am a jeweler and work on watches ). When all was done, and powered up the screen was clear and bright, but the touch is dead. One cannot swipe to unlock the phone. I now have an expensive brick with a monthly fee.

I never touched any connectors save for the 2 buttons on the bottom hat are glued to the glass top.

Q-Is the digitizer and the LED the same unit, or is the digitizer in the gorilla glass? All the info I have read on line is unclear about this.

Is the replacement glass defective? Did I mess something up? could a connector come loose or shorted out?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi guys, i have a customers phone currently, im not sure what happened, looked like they dropped it, so heres the deal, everything seems to work, but same problem as you guys, no touch, however! when i put a different logic board in with his LCD, it works great!, so the problem lays in the mobo, could anyone tell me what part of the motherboard processes the touch input?

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2 Respuestas

1,Make sure the flex cable is not loose.

2, The problem is touch screen.

A : you buy a broken one

B: Your setting is not correctly that makes it out or order.

Samsung galaxy S3 LCD screen and touch screen are one the same . So you should buy a new one.( front panel assembly) Probably$113,78

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I have an S3 with cracked screen, replaced with new part, phone worked fine. I sold it, now the touch response quit working. Any ideas?

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