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Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen. The device needs only prying tools and screwdrivers to fix. Model number: ME370T.

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My battery has... yellow stuff on it? Is that okay?

First off, I should explain my question. My Nexus USB port became loose. I opened it, fixed the port, and then closed it. No charge. I opened it again, this time examining the battery due to the fact the I/O assembly isn't broken. I gave it to my good friend who has a degree in PC engineering, and he said it wouldn't manually charge and to examine it to figure out what's busted. I then cut a slit in the paper concealing the cords... to reveal a circuit board thing. With yellow, sticky juice on it (I can't describe it any other way). I then examined a battery from another Nexus. The yellow stuff wasn't on it. Could this have anything to do with my Nexus not charging? What should be done (he said the positive/negative cords could need resoldered, keep that in mind). I found nothing about this anywhere else, so I can't figure it out. Also: I removed the tape from the battery/ I/O. Could that affect it?

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I doubt resoldering the battery would do anything. That is signs of a bad battery that is leaking the chemicals in the battery. Seen it a few times. That may be why you Nexus is not turning on. Try a new battery, if this does not fix the issue then some chemicals may have gotten onto the board and may have possibly ruined it. Also another though is if you are using too high of a power source to charge the battery it may have cause the circuitry to become fried and thus fry the battery as well. Replacing the battery should solve this issue however there are other things that could have happened like i explained. Good luck, i hope it just needs a battery, it should however you never know with electronics now a days.

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