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Unibody de aluminio de 13", procesador Core 2 Duo de 2.0 o 2.4 GHz.

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Testing components for resale

Looks like the Unibody I bought spares or repair has a dead logic board so I may as well strip it for spares.

Anyone know how I could go about testing the individual parts for resale?

thinking of Superdrive, display etc.


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I have one of those too! Died of liquid damage. Right now I'm investigating component-level repair for the logic board (Rossman Repair in Brooklyn NY sounds good, but I have no experience with them).

I used the iFixit Universal Drive adapter to check out the HD - wonderful device. Planning to test the Superdrive in another laptop of similar vintage, but a standalone enclosure would probably do as well (like the a USB external optical drive from Samsung). Testing the keyboard will be tricky without a machine to swap into though.

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HDD is no worries, got more Macbooks lying around than I know what to do with. I was thinking of completely dissecting it but may just be easier to sell as a whole

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