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Modelo de finales de 2011, procesador A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 o 2.8 GHz i7.

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Reassembled my MacBook now it won't charge. what do?

I disassembled my macbook to clean it for dust and apply new thermal paste..

I was unhappy with the result, since it still got pretty hot after doing it, so I watched a tutorial for applying thermal paste properly, and disassembled it again.

after I had reassembled it the second time everything worked perfectly except for one thing.

the macbook didn't charge.

the indicator light on the magsafe charger doesn't glow and in neither windows nor mac does the battery icon show any charging... Any idea how I should go with this?

Edit: The macbook isn't getting very hot, and the fans are running like they should

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Have you tried resetting the SMC? Follow this Apple TN Resetting the SMC. See if that improves things.

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it didn't even seem to react, does the fact that I have rEFIt installed make any difference on this matter?

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rEFIt is a BIOS (EFI) boot loader, It shouldn't effect the SMC logic. With that said I personally don't use any boot loaders (there are a few of them). Instead I use Apples built-in boot loader when you have multiple OS-X boot volumes Bootup short cuts for all of my work Mac's. I had played with it a long time ago on my own system but since then I have a dedicated Linux system.

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rEFIt isn't a bootloader, it's a boot manager, it's just an overlay on top of the bootloader provided by apple

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You may want to read this The Intel Mac boot process in any case the boot process is intercepted by a piece of code to then allow you to have a user accessible boot manager interface (which is also part of rEFIt) which I think confused you here.

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actually your first solution worked... the first time I looked at it I followed the instructions for macbook pros from 2008 and up, by holding left alt ctrl and shift and pressing the power button... that didn't do anything.. then I tried just holding the power button... THAT helped

so thanks

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From the internet.

A non-charging battery can sometimes be caused by an overheating laptop. As the temperature rises, a thermal sensor shuts off the battery to prevent the lithium-ion polymer from becoming so hot it bursts into flame or explodes. While the unibody design used in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air do a fairly good job of keeping everything cool, you might want to let the system cool down if it's warm to the touch.

You might want to reapply your thermal paste. Are the fans working? heat sinks connected correctly?

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fans working heatsink connected correctly computer not at all warm to the touch

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